Here's what's trending for March 25.

Police in Allentown are investigating a home invasion that put a city resident in the hospital. Investigators say they responded to a Hanover Avenue home late Saturday to find an unidentified male victim wounded by gunfire. Two masked men reportedly entered the home and shot the man, who then fled and called police. The victim is now being treated for his wounds. No arrests have been announced.

An autopsy is taking place today to determine the cause of death for a man found at a Lehigh County car wash. The unidentified male was found dead Saturday morning at the Emmaus Car Wash on South 12th Street. Officials are withholding any additional information until the man's next of kin are notified. The Emmaus Police Department continues to investigate.

Smoking is being blamed for a Monroe County blaze that destroyed a home and two cars. Fire officials have concluded their investigation into the fire that engulfed a Saylorsburg home late Saturday. They are saying that careless smoking is what started the fire, although they haven't explained how. There are no injuries reported.

After a jury found an East Pittsburgh police officer not guilty in the killing of 17-year-old Antwon Rose, the teen's mother, Michelle Kenney, said she misses her son. "Antwon wasn't afforded the opportunity of a trial. He couldn't defend himself. All of those rights were taken away from him by one person and it wasn't the jury in this court," Kenney said. Michael Rosfeld's lawyers argued that he thought he saw a gun and felt threatened. The officer said he pulled over a car because it matched the description of a car involved in a drive-by shooting. He told the three men inside to exit, claiming he wanted to get them all on the ground until other officers arrived. After ordering the driver to the ground, Rose got out of the car and ran. Officers later found two stolen guns in the car and traces of gun residue on Rose's hand and an empty clip of a handgun in his pocket.

The city of Pittsburgh is continuing to see demonstrations following the not guilty verdict in the Michael Rosfeld trial. Over the weekend, several protests occurred across the area and around the state after the former East Pittsburgh policeman was found not guilty of killing 17-year-old Antwon Rose last year. It's believed more demonstrations will happen this week.

A student walkout is planned for today in Pittsburgh public schools to protest the verdict in the Michael Rosfeld trial. While the district isn't supporting students leaving the school, they say those who want to participate must have permission from a parent or guardian to take part. Those students must also follow the district's early dismissal procedures or they will receive an unexcused absence.

Kathleen Kane can no longer practice law. The former Pennsylvania attorney general, who is serving jailtime for perjury and obstruction, was disbarred by the Disciplinary Board of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. Kane was convicted in 2016 for leaking grand information on a grand jury investigation and then lying about it.

The Powerball jackpot is now at an estimated $750,000,000 after no one won Saturday night's drawing. It's the fourth-largest jackpot in Powerball history. No one has won the big prize since December. The next drawing is Wednesday night. The odds you'll win are one in 292,000,000.

New Jersey's Senate and Assembly are voting today to decide if doctor-assisted suicide will be legalized there. Both will be voting on the Medical Aid in Dying for the Terminally Ill Act, which would allow qualified terminally ill patients to self-administer medication that would end their lives. Gov. Phil Murphy has yet to say whether he'd sign the bill into law should it end up on his desk. If made legal, New Jersey would be the eighth state to pass such a law.

Today may be the day recreational marijuana is legalized in New Jersey. Votes are scheduled for both the state Senate and Assembly and should legislation proceeds through both, legal pot in the Garden State will only need the signature of Gov. Phil Murphy to become law. Chances are strong he would sign as last week, while discussing the subject, Murphy said, "The time is now." Both the Senate and Assembly are also considering the revision of the requirements needed to authorize and access medical cannabis and the expungement of particular past marijuana offenses.