Here's what's trending for March 13.

There are three people who want the job John Morganelli has held for 28 years. Two Democrats and a Republican are running for Northampton County district attorney. First Deputy District Attorney Terry Houck and the county's chief public defender Nuria DiLuzio are the two Democrats seeking to replace Morganelli. Former prosecutor Tom Carroll is the Republican who'll be on the ballot later this spring. Morganelli is leaving to run for judge.

A man wanted in connection with a triple shooting in Easton has been taken into custody in Virginia. 34-year-old Oris Barner Jr. was taken into custody by the U.S. Marshals Task Force in Petersburg, Virginia Tuesday afternoon at 5 o'clock. The U.S. Marshal's office said authorities had arrested Warner at a family member's house. Barner is a person of interest in a shooting at 13th and Washington streets early the morning of August 9, 2018.

The Department of Health reports another seven people in Pennsylvania have died due to flu-related complications. The confirmed fatality count in Pennsylvania due to the flu this season has risen from 68 to 75. 44 of those victims are ages 65 and older. The total number of cases reported state-wide has risen to more than 62,000. More than 5200 of those cases are in Lehigh and Northampton counties.

A state House panel is moving an update to the pension forfeiture law on to the rest of the House. The House Judiciary Committee passed Senate Bill 113 Tuesday, which would require a pension to be forfeited if a public employee or official is found or pleads guilty or no contest to any felony offense connected to their employment. Right now, only about a dozen crimes trigger pension forfeiture. Last month, the bill passed in the state Senate.

Some state lawmakers are renewing the push for term limits in the state legislature. Freshman representatives Andrews Lewis and Mike Jones are proposing an amendment to the state Constitution that would cap legislators to 12 consecutive years of service in each chamber. Any constitutional change would need to be approved by state legislators in two consecutive sessions and by the voters in a referendum.

The state House bill to toughen the penalty for operating a motorcycle without a licenses is getting unanimous support from the House. A bill would increase the fine from $25 to $200 plus fees and surcharges. Rep. Josh Kail, who sponsors the bill, says inexperienced, unlicensed motorcycle operators pose a real danger to themselves and other motorists.

New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy is announcing an agreement with leaders in the state legislature on the legalization of recreational marijuana. "When you look at the economic impact on Colorado or Massachusetts, it's thousands of jobs and billions of dollars of economic activity," Murphy says. The deal stipulates marijuana would be subject to an excise tax of $42 per ounce with various taxes being passed onto the consumer. The bill also establishes an expedited process for people convicted of low-level marijuana offenses to get those convictions expunged. The bill goes to the state Senate and Assembly, but it's unclear if it has the votes to pass.

A former New Jersey government official accused of raping a co-worker is denying the accusation. Al Alvarez appeared Tuesday at a legislative hearing after being subpoenaed by lawmakers to address how he was hired to hold his former position as chief of staff at the Schools Development Authority. However, Alvarez did repeat his claims that accusations of sexual assault by Katie Brennan, a former campaign volunteer for Phil Murphy are false. As for how he got that former job, Alvarez testified he did not know who hired him.

It's a radio station like no other in the United States. IHeartPodcast AM 1470 debuts today and it's all podcasts, all the time. IHeartPodcast AM 1470 brings you the best of more than 25,000 podcasts currently available for free on the iHeartRadio app while continuing to air Lehigh Valley Phantoms hockey.

Philadelphia Eagles linebacker Jordan Hicks is expected to sign with the Arizona Cardinals when free agency officially begins today. He'll reportedly get a four-year deal from Arizona.