Here's what's trending for November 8.

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A potentially violent man is on the loose after eluding police during a traffic stop Wednesday.  The Lehigh Township Police Department says that suspect William Lavenburg is known to have violent tendencies.  Lavenburg, already wanted for parole violations, allegedly blew through a police stop on South Cottonwood Road and is now also wanted on counts related to reckless endangerment and fleeing police.  Police say anyone who might know where he is should call police with that information.

Emmaus High School is now officially closed for the entire week because of flooding last weekend.  Heavy rains Friday night flooded 40 classrooms, the main office, auxiliary gym and the wrestling room.  In an email to parents Wednesday, the East Penn School District says the cleanup will continue through the weekend and they hope to resume classes on Monday.

Cell phones are being pulled from the waters in Tobyhanna State Park that could serve as evidence against a couple accused of making several phony bomb threats.  Berkeley Township Underwater Search and Rescue from Ocean County, New Jersey spent most of Wednesday in the park to find phones reportedly ditched by Scotrun residents Jesus Castrodad and Colleen Kasdaglis.  The suspects allegedly called in at least seven bogus threats against the Monroe County Courthouse and each call resulted in evacuations and security searches.  Divers are said to have recovered several phones yesterday, each of which will be examined to see if any data can be extracted.

The school board in one Schuylkill County district is considering allowing school staff be armed in school. Last night, parents and students in the Tamaqua Area School District told board members they don't like the idea.  "Guns do not belong in school, especially in the hands of teachers or staff," one mother said.The school board also heard from Joe Eaton, from a company which trains school employees on violence response training.  Eaton says the idea has merit.  "If you have staff willing to do this, who want the training, who want to put in the effort, you need to to listen to them and find out ways that they can safely and effectively do this," Eaton said.  Tamaqua'a school board has already approved a policy allowing volunteer employees to carry guns in schools but has not yet implemented the plan.  The board says it will consider all plans brought up last night before acting.

A deal between the Delaware and Pennsylvania prison systems is bringing hundreds of convicted criminals into the commonwealth.  The Delaware Department of Correction is having trouble hiring new corrections officers, a reason behind a deal that is transporting 330 inmates across the border to be incarcerated in Pennsylvania.  It's intended to be a short-term measure while Delaware Corrections tries to increase its staffing and select those prisoners who don't have visitation taking place, are involved in litigation or have more than five years left on their sentences.

Health officials in New Jersey are confirming two more cases of measles in Ocean County.  Wednesday's confirmation brings the total of cases to six, while officials are awaiting results from a possible seventh case.  Authorities are concerned because as the cases increase, so does the chance of exposure to the highly contagious virus.


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