Here's what's trending for July 2.

Accu-Weather's Bill Deger says we've got another day in the steam bath.  "We're going to be well into the 90s again.  We're talking about Accu-Weather RealFeel temperatures about 105 today when you factor in the humidity.  So it'll feel pretty much as hot as it did yesterday out there," Deger says.  And if you're hoping for more civilized conditions for the Independence Day holiday, forget it.  Deger says we'll hit 97 degrees tomorrow and around 93 for the holiday on Wednesday.  Our next chance for a sub-90 degree day is Thursday.

The Allentown Bomb Squad is talking about an explosion it handled several days before the Independence Day fireworks ever begin.  The squad reports a fisherman working the Lehigh River reeled in a World War II-era hand grenade Saturday.  Described as the type of explosive a soldier would have placed on a rifle, the bomb squad took the device, attached an explosive of their own to it and blew it up under controlled conditions at Bucky Boyle Park.  Nobody was hurt and a bomb squad technician says several of these grenades turn up every year.

A 13-year-old boy may be fighting for his life after being pulled from a Monroe County reservoir.  The unidentified teen was pulled out of the Stillwater Lake in Coolbaugh township around 3 o'clock Sunday afternoon.  The victim was taken to Lehigh Valley Hospital.  There's no word on his condition.

Six people were injured in a late Sunday night crash in Upper Macungie Township.  Police say a Toyota Camry and a Winnebago collided head-on around 11:15 last night on Hamilton Boulevard.  Investigators believe the northbound Camry drifted into the southbound lane and was hit by the Winebago.  All six of those injured are expected to make full recoveries.

Pennsylvania Sen. Pat Toomey says the growing trade war with Canada is hurting his home state.  "We have a trade surplus.  We have a surplus even in steel, so why we should punish my constituents with a tax when they import this small amounts of Canadian steel makes no sense," Toomey said.  On CBS' "Face the Nation," Toomey said he wants to restore the constitutional responsibility Congress has to impose tariffs, but will not withhold his vote on a Supreme Court nominee in exchange for a vote on tariffs.

The New Jersey state government is open for business as the state budget has been signed by Gov. Phil Murphy.  The governor and the legislature reached an agreement Saturday night only hours before the July 1st deadline.  The new budget will raise taxes while closing loopholes in the tax codes.  More than $400 million will go into public schools and will send $242 million toward New Jersey Transit, among several other investments and tax changes.

New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy is ribbing his predecessor with a late-night tweet while reminding that state beaches are open today.  Just before midnight, Murphy tweeted out mentioning that it was a year ago that a government shutdown closed beaches across the Garden State, add "for most of us anyway."  It was July 1, 2017 when beaches were closed due to a shutdown.  However, despite the shutdown, then-Gov. Chris Christie was famously photographed on the sand with his wife at Island Beach State Park.

President Donald Trump's recent visit to New Jersey is now part of a new couple's forever memories after he crashed their wedding.  The President visited Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster Towsnhip over the weekend and "TMZ" reports that he made a surprise visit ot the reception for Gerald Papa and Jenna Buchholtz, who got married Friday at the private club.  Video shows a tie-less president kissing the bride and shaking hands with the groom as he made the unannounced visit.  This marks the second time the president made such a cameo, as he also dropped by a June 2017 wedding at his property.


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