Adams, Utley and Howard get Phils the Series Win

Yeah – THAT’S what I am talking about!!!

A game filled with excitement that ends up going our way.   Then indulging in a little scoreboard watching – as Atlanta gets shutout by Boston, to pull the Phillies within 4 games of first place in the very tight, very miserable NL East.

And more importantly – a series win against a good team – at HOME – to give us a head of steam going into a very rare 5 game home series against the pitiful NY Mets.  

So the excitement started in the late innings – as Bastardo came back in to start the 7th after recording the final out in the 6th after walking the first man he faced.  And Bastardo promptly  starts the 7th by walking another 3 straight batters.  Nice work Bastardo – he tried his best to give the game away – but Sandberg woke up from his coma in the dugout and decided to pull Bastardo, before he walked his 5th batter in 1/3 of an inning of work.

Mike Adams – the games savior entered.  And incredibly gets out of the jam.  Bases loaded, no out and Adams comes and get the double play grounder, then fans Tulowitzki to end the inning and the Rockies threat.  Wow – that is HUGE good work there Mr. Adams.  

Diekman comes in to work the 8th and gives him up the go ahead HR to Colorado to make it 3-2.  Diekman definitely has problems with the long ball this year as that was the 4th HR in 26 and 2/3.  In his past 2 years – he only allowed 2 HR’s total in 65 innings of work.  I still like Diekman and would like to see more of him in the pen.  Needs to locate better obviously to stop the melons he is throwing up there.

Phila is down 3-2 in the bottom of 9 – and Cesar Hernandez leads off the inning with a fly out.  And it looks like the game will slip away in the late innings again for us.  As we expect.  But a couple very loud errors by the Rockies defense, gives us a new life in the 9th.  Utley comes up and ties the game with an RBI single scoring Revere, and brings Howard to the plate with runners and 2nd and 3rd with 2 out  -  and the score tied at 3.

If you didn’t see it – find the video on youtube or a sports site.  Howard took a fastball on the outside part of the plate, and crushed it into next week.  About 12 rows deep into left center.  I would estimate about 430 ft.  And we get the W with a dramatic Walk Off HR by Mr Howard.  Ahhhhhhh LOVE those kinds of wins!!  Phils win 6-3!!

We see, in order, Buchanan, Burnett, Kendrick, Hamels, and likely Hernandez in the 5 game series at home against the Mets.  

Will be watching closely as Buchanan gets his 2nd start tonight and is looking for a repeat performance.  This is a perfect opportunity for Phila to get a nice win streak going and make up some ground on the Braves before we take a 6 game road trip.  

Let’s wish Buchanan some good luck and keep those bats hot – and SWEEP the Mets!!!