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Turn Back the Century...Vote Bowa Coup D'Etat!!!

It could have proved to be a turn around series w/Cincinnati, but the "Fightins" had little fight left after King Cole shut the Reds down Friday night. The offense seemed to have some life after the 8-0 victory that snapped the season worst 6-game skid. I don't think the win came as a big surprise since Cole Hamels' 12 previous starts vs Cinc had never resulted in a Phillies defeat. Lucky Friday the "13th" we will call it.  But just 48 hours later, the "Bad" luck returned as the remaining two games of the set were dropped with the bats going silent late Sunday afternoon. You think maybe the players were looking more forward to the Monday off day than putting some runs on the board?  

If you are searching for any bright spots, perhaps we could find one or two.  Jonathan Papelbon was forced to get some work into keep earning a paycheck and pitched another dominant inning in the non-save blowout win.  What a year he is having!!!  It's such a shame he will not have the opportunities to save games to have it make a difference.  We are rooting for that 300th career save for you Jonathan!!  Don't be shocked if you have to wait another 2 weeks to get it.  David Buchanan hasn't looked tremendously impressive in his starts since the first vs Dodgers. Although in all fairness, his offense has provided him 1 run, 0 runs, and 1 run.  Lefty would likely go 0-3 with that kind of support.

Back to the offense for a minute. Sandberg's decision to make the changes he made from Friday and Saturday is definitely questionable.  Rollins leading off and Chooch batting second worked well.  Each homered over the weekend (Rollins twice), and the team scored 8 runs and 5 runs respectivley.  So what happens on Sunday?  Revere is back in the leadoff spot and Chooch moves down to 7th and only a single run is scored.  Another example of the way guys overmanage.  Something works and he tries something else.  Thanks again Ryno!!!

Since the Phillies are now 25-36, I feel it is time to tell you the last time we found the Phillies this bad (11 games under.500 or worse) at this early stage of the season.  As I said in the headline, let's turn the clock back to the end of the 20thcentury.  After 6/8 in the year 2000, the Phillies were 22-35 (13 games under .500).  The team was playing poor ball and it got worse and worse as the team finished 65-97, 30 games out, and in last place.  This was the last we saw of Manager Terry Francona, who was fired at the end of the season.  In came fan favorite Larry Bowa to take the reigns after he had finished a third base coach job for Seattle.  In 2001, the Phillies were 86-76 and just missed catching Atlanta, ending the campaign just 2 games from winning the NL East.  This was probably the beginning of the Phillies rise to contention and his presence made fans care again. All I know for sure is it is a much shorter walk to the dugout from the coaching box at Citizens Bank park than from Seattle. Everybody get on board for the Bowa takeover now!!!