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Pen is MONEY!!!! – And keep Dominic Brown on the Bench!!!

Yet another decent (not great) performance by Cole Hamels wasted because the Phillies can’t hit.

Every pitcher that faces this team at Citizens  Bank Park must come off the mound feeling like Cy Young.  The way this team hits is  truly a disgrace.

And of course, in extra innings - - - YET AGAIN – Runners on First and Second, nobody out.  And Chase Utley is up there swinging away.  This confuses me beyond belief.  Does Sandberg not KNOW that you bunt there?  It’s a tie game in extra innings. . . you want a runner on 3rd with less than 2 outs.  Yo Ryno. . . you BUNT HERE YOU JERK!!!  Goodness, its impossible for me to believe this guy is in the HOF with so little knowledge he displays at critical junctures of the game.

However, as usual of late, the story of the game  was the bullpen.  Diekman, Papelbon, Bastardo, Giles, Hollands, DeFratus.  All combined for 7 innings of shutout baseball.  That is beyond impressive and I now believe that the Phillies bullpen is CLEARLY the best part of this team.  Too bad the bullpen can’t hit too.

The Phillies still remain 5 out and not in last place – going into a huge series with the Atlanta Braves, while first place Washington goes to Chicago to face the Cubs.  

These next 2 weeks will be make or break for the Phillies when it comes to this team as a whole.  If they can close the gap to 2/3 games I think there is valid reason to keep the team intact and for God’s sake, pick up someone that can actually hit and put Dominic Brown back in AAA where he belongs.

Or as an ex-coach and player I know recommends – Sit Dom Brown for good and put Reid Brignac in left field.  That way you get Asche’s bat and Brignac’s bat – both of which are bats that can actually hit the ball.

And let’s sweep these Braves out of Phila so we can look at a nice late summer playoff run - eh???