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Glenn Beck is the host and star of a nationally syndicated radio talk show as well as the fastest growing TV show in cable news. Known for his quick wit, candid opinions and engaging personality, Beck has attracted millions of viewers and listeners. His radio show, The Glenn Beck Program, is heard on over 230 stations and is syndicated by Premiere Radio Networks. It is the third highest-rated national radio talk show among adults ages 25 to 54.

Beck made his radio debut at the age of 13 in Seattle, and grew up in nearby Mount Vernon. After graduating high school, Beck landed jobs as a Top 40 DJ at stations across the country, from Baltimore and Houston, to Phoenix and New Haven, CT.
But at the age of 30, Beck lost his passion for radio – and everything else – as he was consumed by alcoholism and drug addiction. Coming to terms with his past and staying sober shifted his life direction. He found new love (his second wife, Tania), religion (he was baptized Mormon), and a new vision of his career – he would pursue talk radio.

Soon after his baptism, Beck received a call from an agent interested in representing him. Days later, he had an offer to host his own talk radio show on WFLA-AM in Tampa, Florida. Beck inherited the 18th placed position at WFLA-AM and took it to the #1 position in his first year, giving the station its highest ratings ever.

Within 18 months, Premiere Radio Networks, the leading radio syndication company in the country, offered Glenn the opportunity to go national. In January 2002, The Glenn Beck Program debuted on 47 stations. Today, the show is heard on over 230 stations and on XM satellite Radio.

On January 17, 2006, CNN announced that Beck would have an hour-long show on CNN Headline News. Glenn Beck is an unconventional look at the news of the day featuring Beck’s often amusing perspective. The show, which includes guests and produced packages, airs nightly at 7 pm Eastern time, repeating at 9 pm and 12 a.m.

Glenn is married with four kids and resides in Connecticut.