Monday, April 24th – 

•5:10am – Current Lehigh County Commissioner, Michael Schware – He’ll have a warning for county tax payers about some proposals by the Current County Executive that will end up costing you.

•9:10am – Doug Axe with the Discovery Institute’s Center for Science Culture – Why is Bill Nye, who only played a scientist on TV, the co-chair and speaker for the March for Science? He’ll talk about this and more Monday! 

•9:40am – Dr. Joe Khoury – Author of ‘The Ideologue’ – He’ll talk about his book and our foreign policy since Trump took over. 

Tuesday, April 25th – 

•5:10am – Dr. Joe Khoury 

•9:10am – Jude Eden, Former Marine and Writer at theStream.org – She’ll discuss a scandal that involves male Marines sharing naked photos of their female colleagues, and the ulterior motive behind the story. Hear about it Tuesday! 

•9:40am – Michael J. Daugherty, author of ‘The Devil Inside the Beltway’ – Discussing whether the U.S. could have hacked North Korea’s Missile Launch; And he’ll also talk about the cyber threats that face America.   

Wednesday, April 26th

•5:10am – Jude Eden 

•8:10am - Lehigh County Commissioner, Michael Schware – Discussing Lehigh County Executive, Tom Muller’s proposal for a tax on every vehicle in Lehigh County; 

•9:10am – Dr. William Matt Briggs, Senior Contributor to the Stream.org and Adjunct Professor at Cornell University – He’ll talk about the First Ever March for Science; And he’ll also remind us why Global Warming is a False Science...Hear more Wednesday!

•9:40am – Jay Solomon, Author of ‘The Iran Wars: Spy Games, Bank Battles and the Secret Deals That Reshaped the Middle East’ – He’ll discuss his book, the Middle East Conflict and U.S. Foreign Policy! 

Thursday, April 27th – 

•5:10am – Dr. William Matt Briggs 

•9:10am – Joe Navarro, Author of ‘Three Minutes to Doomsday’ & ‘What Every BODY is Saying’ and also a Former Special Agent with the FBI in the Area of Counter Intelligence and the Behavior Analysis Program – He’ll talk about his books, our foreign policy, leaks coming from Washington and the body language of many of our major players! 

•9:40am – Pam Geller – Founder, Editor and Publisher of the Geller Report and the lead spokeswoman against the Islamization of America – She’ll talk about her Lehigh Valley Tea Party Appearance and the war on Free Speech & the First Amendment. 

Friday, April 28th – 

•5:10am – Pam Geller 

•9am – 10am – Retired, Senior INS Agent Michael Cutler – Talking Immigration & Hot Topics of the Week! 


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