Gunther Guests – Week of May 29th 

Memorial Day Monday, May 29th

•5:10am – Michael Cutler 

•5am to 10am – Gunther’s Memorial Day Tribute... Songs, Inspirations, Poems and more.  

Tuesday, May 30th – 

•5:10am – Michael Cutler – Talking Hot Topics including Manchester England and the New House Bill that could close loop holes and help with internal immigration enforcement...Tune in and see how you can help get this bill passed! 

•9:10am – Dr. Dennis Deruelle – Author of ‘Your Healthcare Playbook: Winning the Game of Modern Medicine’ – He’ll talk about his book and about the Health Care proposals that are out there right now. 

•9:40am – Michelle Deen, Marriage & Family Counselor and Author of the book ‘Saving America’s Grace: Rethinking Family Values, Moral Politics, and the Culture War’ -  She’ll talk about her book and the deep divide in this country!

Wednesday, May 31st – 

•5:10am - Dr. Dennis Deruelle

•9:40am – Dr. Jane M. Orient, Executive Director of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons – "The ObamaCare Disaster can wait... the Russians are coming!" -  Dr. Orient says that's wrong, we have our priorities screwed up, hear more about it Wednesday! 

Thursday, June 1st – 

•5:10am – Dr. Jane M. Orient

• 9:10am – Michael Daugherty – President and CEO of LabMD and Author of ‘Devil Inside the Beltway’ – Talking  about the CBO Report on the American Health Care Act

•9:40am – Wayne Allyn Root with ROOTforAmerica.com - He was one of the first people to back Trump and predicted Trump’s Presidential Win; His newest Column says there is a Russian Scandal... and it’s Hillary!  He’ll discuss this and other hot topics Thursday! 

Friday, June 2nd

•5:10am – Wayne Allyn Root 

•9:10am – Dr. Tevi Troy, Former Deputy Secretary of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services under President Bush and Author of ‘Shall We Wake the President?’ – He predicted an internal revolt against President Trump back in January... he’ll talk his prediction and what he thinks will happen on Friday Morning! 

•9:40am – Daniel Horowitz, Senior Editor of the Conservative Review – Talking about the latest Hot Issues including... ‘How can you claim to fight Jihad, yet promote the PLO?’ Hear more Friday! 

Prizes to Win:

Our radio office is CLOSED on Memorial Day Monday, May 29th. There is NO prize pick up when the office is closed! 

•Win a $25 Gift Card for Link Beverage in Coopersburg!

•Tuesday - Friday - Win a pair of tickets for a show announcing at the Sands Event Center this Monday, May 29th!