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MSNBC has released Donald Trump’s leaked tax return. What’s your reaction?  

I believe MSNBC broke the law. They knowingly received stolen goods. 81%

MSNBC did nothing wrong but whoever leaked the information did and should be held accountable. 19%

Should President Trump extend a travel ban to all nations for 90 days?

Yes 78%

No 22%

Do you agree with the idea of legalizing marijuana in Pennsylvania to help fill in a budget deficit?

Yes    51%

No    49%

Give President Trump a grade on his address to Congress.

A          90%

B           6%

C          1%

D         0%

F           4%

What's your take on President Trump's school restroom policy?

Love it! I always support the idea of allowing local schools to make their own policies. 52%

A little disappointing. I wish the president had outright told schools students had to use the restroom of their birth gender. 42%

Bad move. It is a step back to the dark ages. 6%

Will Neil Gorsuch be confirmed for the U.S. Supreme Court?

Yes. In addition to the Republican support, I really believe at least a handful of Democrats will vote in favor of Gorsuch. 45%

Yes. Republicans have the majority in the Senate. It’s really that simple. 33%

Yes. But Republicans will need to resort to the so-called nuclear option to achieve it. 18%

No. Somehow, somewhere, Democrats will dig up something, real or fake, that will doom Gorsuch. 4%

No. Democrats will drag out the process so long President Trump will wave the white flag and go back to the drawing board. 0%

No. A few Republicans will cave and vote against Gorsuch. 0%

Of the executive orders signed by President Trump, which do you like the most? 

Taking the first step towards repealing Obamacare  21 % 

Withdrawing the United States from the Trans-Pacific Partnership  1 % 

Prohibiting foreign aid money from supporting organizations that promote abortion  8 % 

Putting in place a federal government hiring freeze  4 % 

Opening the doors to construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline from Canada to Nebraska  4 % 

Ordering further study of the Dakota Access Pipeline from North Dakota to Illinois  0% 

Asking the Secretary of Commerce to look into mandating all new pipelines be made of American steel  1 % 

Easing permitting and regulatory burdens on manufacturers  2 % 

Putting into motion the construction of a wall on our border with Mexico  8 % 

Cutting of federal funding to sanctuary cities  12 % 

Prohibiting non-U.S. citizens from seven Middle Eastern nations from coming to America  33 % 

Ordering the review of U.S. military readiness  8 %